What Is Another Word For Cost?

What are synonyms for cost?

Synonyms of costcharge,disbursement,expenditure,expense,outgo,outlay..

What’s another word for expensive?

In this page you can discover 44 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for expensive, like: costly, exorbitant, valuable, moderate, transactions, lavish, steep, worth a pretty penny, high-priced, stiff and priceless.

What is the new word of expensive?

What is another word for expensive?costlyexorbitantextravagantpreciouspricelesshighultraexpensiveover the oddsoutrageouslavish231 more rows

What is meaning of worth it?

phrase. informal. Sufficiently good, enjoyable, or successful to repay any effort, trouble, or expense. ‘it requires a bit of patience to learn, but it’s well worth it’

What is a synonym for cost effective?

Synonyms for cost-effective practical. profitable. worthwhile.

What do you call a fee paid for a service?

Fee-for-service (FFS) is a payment model where services are unbundled and paid for separately. In health care, it gives an incentive for physicians to provide more treatments because payment is dependent on the quantity of care, rather than quality of care.

Whats the opposite of cost?

What is the opposite of cost?paymentrepaymentremittancesettlementdefrayal

How do you say cheap in a nice way?

affordablebargain.budget.cheap.cost-effective.economical.fair.low-cost.modest.More items…

What is the root word for expensive?

expensive (adj.) 1620s, “given to profuse expenditure,” from expense (n.) + -ive. Meaning “costly, requiring profuse expenditure” is from 1630s. Earlier was expenseful (c.

What is another word for not worth it?

What is another word for not worth it?thanklessunprofitablefruitlessfutileprofitlessvainuselessbarrenbootlessunreturned157 more rows

What’s a word for high quality?

What is another word for high-quality?excellentfinepremiumprimegoodsuperbsuperiorchoiceexceptionalgreat230 more rows