Question: What Is Bob Seger Worth?

Who is Bob Seger’s wife?

Juanita Dorricottm.

1993Annette Sinclairm.

1987–1988Renee Andriettim.

1968–1969Bob Seger/Wife.

What is Bob Seger’s biggest hit?

ShakedownSeger’s biggest hit of all time is the lead single from the 1987 film Beverly Hills Cop II, “Shakedown,” which earned the rock star his first (and only) No. 1 hit on the Hot 100 chart (dated Aug. 1, 1987).

Is Bob Seger a nice guy?

He described him as a “down-to-earth guy, really nice guy. He was local, gritty, bluesy.” The rest of the country discovered Seger in 1976 with the combination of “Live Bullet” and “Night Moves,” each of which sold 5 million copies.

How old is Alice Cooper now?

72 years (February 4, 1948)Alice Cooper/Age

Who is Bob Seger’s dad?

Stewart SegerBob Seger/Fathers

How old is Bob Seger now?

75 years (May 6, 1945)Bob Seger/Age

How much does Bob Seger make per concert?

The highest ranking new entry is Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band, with an average gross of $1.4 million per market appearance, good enough to get No.

Is Bob Seger done touring?

Unfortunately there are no concert dates for Bob Seger scheduled in 2020.

Who wrote Bob Seger songs?

Original songsTitleWritten byOriginally byHeartache TonightDon Henley, Bob Seger, Glenn Frey, J.D. SoutherEaglesHeavy MusicBob SegerBob Seger and The Last HeardHer StrutBob SegerBob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandHollywood NightsBob SegerBob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band24 more rows

How old is Bob Seger’s wife Juanita?

33 years oldAs of 2020, Juanita Dorricott age is 33 years old.

Is Bob Seger still married?

He married Juanita Dorricott in 1993, in a small private setting at The Village Club, in Bloomfield Hills; they have two children. Seger lives mainly at his home in Orchard Lake Village, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit.

Why did Bob Seger stop touring?

When his ruptured disc and emergency surgery halted the tour in the fall, it was uncertain when or even if he’d be back; Seger told the Free Press he wouldn’t perform again unless he was 100%.

Bob Seger is alive and well. It’s his father Pete who passed away. “Once called ‘America’s bottle opener,’ Bob Seger believed deeply in the power of singles bars … And he always invited us to come along.”

What high school did Bob Seger go to?

Pioneer High SchoolBob Seger/Education

What was the highest grossing tour of 2019?

TOP 10 GLOBAL TOURS OF 2019P! nk – $215.2 million.Elton John – $212 million.Ed Sheeran – $211.7 million.Metallica – $179 million.The Rolling Stones – $177.8 million.BTS – $170.3 million.Bon Jovi – $134.2 million.Ariana Grande – $118.3 million.More items…•

Who wrote get out of Denver?

Bob SegerGet Out Of Denver/Lyricists