Quick Answer: What Is Chica’S Human Name?

What is Bonnie’s human name?

Bonnie the Rabbit, or better known as Bonnie the Bunny (with his human name being Jeremy in the games or Cassidy in the original book trilogy), is a major antagonist in the Five Nights at Freddy’s franchise.

He is a blue animatronic rabbit with a red bowtie..

What is mangle human name?

Mangle (also known as Funtime Foxy) is an animatronic in Five Nights at Freddy’s 2. he starts off in Kid’s Cove, slowly making their way to the office in this order, lunging at Jeremy/Fritz from above. It is unknown if the Toy Animatronics are possessed by more victims of the Purple Guy/William Afton.

Why do animatronics kill you?

The reason the animatronics are trying to kill you before they are even haunted. In the game, phone guy explains that they are set to the criminal database and can detect predators. The only evidence I have for the animatronics to go after you, is because you’re the predator!

Why was Ballora scooped?

lterior P. resence” The Scooper, as the name states, is a machine designed by William Afton to take out the endoskeletons of the Funtime animatronics as an aid for maintenance. … Its also stated that if the machine is overheated the effects will be neutraize permanently.

Is Ballora circus baby’s mom?

The theory is that the Mother of the Afton kids became Ballora in her afterlife. Since Matpat already talked about how Baby and Ballora have complex speech abilities and intelligence that only possessed animatronics have in Sister Location. Plus Ballora really looks like a mother figure to me.

What is the name of crying child?

This proves that Michael Afton is not the crying child. Chris Afton is the one who got his head bit off bye golden Freddy and also so the kid you play in fnaf 4 and Michael afton also i guess also known as Terrence afton is the one who put Chris in golden Freddy’s mouth with his 3 friends.

What are the FNAF characters human names?

CharactersAnimatronicsClassicsBalloon Boy • Bonnie • Chica • Foxy • Freddy FazbearHumansBurke FamilyBetty Burke • Carlton Burke • Clay BurkeBrooks FamilyDonald Brooks • Joan Brooks • Michael BrooksAfton FamilyWilliam Afton • Elizabeth AftonMissing/Kidnapped ChildrenSusie • Fritz • Cassidy • Ron • Alanna • Jacob • Lisa7 more rows

Why are Ballora’s eyes closed?

Why does Ballora have her eyes shut? A bunch of people thought that Ballora’s eyes had a lot of importance because she relates to a demon called “Balor”. A Balor is a demon that keeps its eye shut, but when opened it wreaks destruction. Ballora never opens her eyes until after she does everything else.

Is mangle a girl?

Mangle is most likely a girl. There is a small possibility that Mangle could be a male because of Foxy, but remember this: Mangle is an attraction at a KID’S RESTAURANT.

Can Ballora open her eyes?

Since Ballora keeps her eyes closed, she cannot see the player and relies on hearing. However, during her jumpscare, her faceplates open to reveal she has small eyes with purple/pink irises. Therefore, she could open her eyes anytime and keeps them closed for an unknown reason.

How did Michael Afton die?

Eventually, his body has a spasm, and he regurgitates the robotic parts belonging to Ennard into the sewer. He lies on the ground, presumably dead. The player then hears Baby’s voice repeating “you won’t die”, and Michael gets revived while all of the Ennard`s eyes show up in the sewer.

Is Susie a chica?

Chica the Chicken (known as Susie when human) is a major antagonist in the Five Nights at Freddy’s series. She is a female yellow chicken animatronic with a bib that says “Let’s Eat!!!”. … Alongside Freddy and Bonnie, Chica is a friendly robotic children’s entertainer housed at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza.

Why is Chica’s beak missing?

The tiny toy chica’s beak is detachable, which is why it is on the floor next to the girl. So when the company made the big Toy Chica, they made her beak detachable; Which is why she takes it off in the second game. Same with Mangle.

Is withered chica a girl?

Withered Chica is a badly damaged counterpart of Chica. She is a dirty yellow with an orange beak and feet. Like the other Withered Animatronics, her design is drastically different to her original counterpart. She has pinkish purple eyes, permanently wide open.

What is Foxy’s human name?

FritzFoxy the Pirate Fox, known as simply Foxy the Pirate (with a human name of Fritz), is an out-of-order, worn down animatronic and a major antagonist in the Five Nights at Freddy’s franchise.

Who is Chica possessed by?

SusieIt’s confirmed that Susie possessed Chica the Chicken both in the games and in the novel trilogy. In story 1 of the second book, Fetch, the titular animatronic originates from a Freddy’s location, in which four animatronics are seen deactivated.

What is Chica’s Cupcakes name?

Carl the Cupcake from Five Nights at Freddy’s.

How did Susie die in FNAF?

Susie was sad due to her puppy dying from getting hit by a car, and she believed William that he had her puppy. He kind of had her puppy, and he did take her to him, but in a different way. He remade her puppy into Mangle, and then when she died, she later possessed Chica and was brought to her puppy again.