Question: What Does Deafening Mean?

What’s another word for stinky?

Frequently Asked Questions About stinking Some common synonyms of stinking are fetid, fusty, malodorous, musty, noisome, putrid, and rank.

While all these words mean “bad-smelling,” stinking and fetid suggest the foul or disgusting..

What does laboriously mean?

adjective. requiring much work, exertion, or perseverance: a laborious undertaking. characterized by or requiring extreme care and much attention to detail: laborious research. characterized by or exhibiting excessive effort, dullness, and lack of spontaneity; labored: a strained, laborious plot.

What does fictitious mean?

adjective. created, taken, or assumed for the sake of concealment; not genuine; false: fictitious names. of, relating to, or consisting of fiction; imaginatively produced or set forth; created by the imagination: a fictitious hero.

What’s another word for previous?

Some common synonyms of previous are antecedent, anterior, foregoing, former, preceding, and prior. While all these words mean “being before,” previous and prior imply existing or occurring earlier, but prior often adds an implication of greater importance.

What does libelous mean?

a bad opinion of someoneEnglish Language Learners Definition of libelous : containing an untrue written statement that causes people to have a bad opinion of someone.

What is the meaning of difficult?

adjective. not easily or readily done; requiring much labor, skill, or planning to be performed successfully; hard: a difficult job. hard to understand or solve: a difficult problem.

Is Deafening silence a metaphor?

The silence is described as ‘deafening’, an oxymoron that helps emphasise how unbearable the situation is for the character. Pathetic fallacy has also been used here – the uncomfortable heat mirrors the character’s struggle as she continues on her journey.

How do you use deafening silence in a sentence?

The wooden door burst open as if a bomb exploded behind it, the sound penetrating through the already deafening silence. The sound of crickets, mosquitoes, and the occasional hoot of an owl pierced the deafening silence.

What’s another word for deafening?

Synonyms forblaring.noisy.ringing.roaring.rowdy.thunderous.vociferous.booming.

How do you use deafening in a sentence?

Deafening sentence examplesThere was a deafening roar that echoed throughout the cavern. … Another deafening clap of thunder brought her hands instinctively to her ears. … Another brilliant bolt of lightning ended in a deafening clap of thunder.More items…

What is the opposite of deafening?

Antonyms of DEAFENING dreamy, muted, calm, silent, gentle, soothing, dead, peaceful, hushed, low, quiet, toned, muffled, restful, softened.

Why is silence so deafening?

A “deafening silence” is a striking absence of noise, so profound that it seems to have its own quality. … When this ends, the lack of sound appears quieter than silence. This sensation, as your mind tries to figure out what your ears are reporting, is what leads us to call a silence deafening.

What is another word for quiet?

SYNONYMS FOR quiet 5 calm, serene. 9 unmoving. 14 still, hush, silence. 15, 17 lull, soothe.

What is the meaning of deafening sound?

When a sound is deafening, it’s overwhelmingly loud. Deafening noises are so loud that they block out all other sounds. …

What part of speech is deafening?

DEAFENING (adjective) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.