Question: What Does Po Po Mean In Chinese?

What does the Chinese name Po mean?

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Hun (Chinese: 魂; pinyin: hún; Wade–Giles: hun; lit.: ‘cloud-soul’) and po (Chinese: 魄; pinyin: pò; Wade–Giles: p’o; lit.: ‘white-soul’) are types of souls in Chinese philosophy and traditional religion..

How do you write Po Po in Chinese?

The Chinese word po – 婆 – pó

What does Popo mean in Japanese?

meaning: “歩” is step. “々” is a repetition kanji or ideographic iteration mark. 歩 々

What does Popo mean in Cantonese?

But one of the most popular slang terms for the local police today is “popo”. … The word has its origins in 1980s southern California, where T-shirts bearing “PO” (“police officer”) worn by cops on bicycles would, with officers riding in pairs, spell out “POPO”.

Is Po a Chinese name?

Italian: habitational name from any of the places called Po. … Chinese: variant of Bo. Chinese : variant of Pu 1.

What is PO short for name?

P.O., short for Pretty.