Question: What Does Inimitable Mean?

What does quirkiness mean?

quirkiness – a strange attitude or habit.

queerness, quirk, oddity, crotchet.

strangeness, unfamiliarity – unusualness as a consequence of not being well known..

What is the meaning of alliterative?

Alliterative is an adjective used to describe things that use or are examples of alliteration—the repetition of the same or a similar sound at or near the beginning of each word in a series. The tongue twister Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers is a classic example of alliteration.

What is a trendy person?

If you say that something or someone is trendy, you mean that they are very fashionable and modern.

How do you describe unique?

“Unique” can be used to describe something or someone as distinctive, or as having an appealing (pleasant) quality different from others. You might also say singular, meaning an individual thing or person better than expected. For example, The Guardian described Bubba Watson’s style of playing golf as unique.

What does Immitable mean?

: not capable of being imitated : matchless her own inimitable style.

What is another word for unique?

Some common synonyms of unique are eccentric, erratic, odd, outlandish, peculiar, quaint, singular, and strange.

Is imitable a word?

adjective. capable or worthy of being imitated: She has many good, imitable qualities.

How do you use incorrigible in a sentence?

Incorrigible in a Sentence 🔉Because my daughter’s behavior is incorrigible, she might be grounded for at least a year. … Even after spending a year in jail, the young man remains incorrigible and unafraid of the law. … Jake’s teachers described him as an incorrigible young man who was always getting into trouble.More items…

What does incorruptible mean?

that cannot be perverted or bribed: incorruptible by money. that will not dissolve, disintegrate, decay, etc.: an incorruptible metal.

What emphasized mean?

To emphasize is to make something important, or stress it, like when you were little and your parents would always emphasize the importance of looking both ways before crossing the street. They told you again and again and again. And again.

Which can be imitated?

To correctly pronounce inimitable, accent the second syllable: “ih-NIH-muh-tuh-bul” Inimitable comes from imitabilis, meaning “imitable,” or “that which can be imitated.” Comedians, for example, find the way certain celebrities talk to be quite imitable.

How do you use VRIO?

Using the toolIdentify valuable, rare and costly to imitate resources. There are two types of resources: tangible and intangible. … Find out if your company is organized to exploit these resources. Following questions might be helpful: … Protect the resources. … Constantly review VRIO resources and capabilities.

What is an example of unique?

The definition of unique is one of a kind. An example of unique is a necklace with a personalized message on the charm. Distinctively associated with or characteristic of a particular group, category, condition, location, etc. Characteristic only of a particular category or entity.

How do you use inimitable in a sentence?

(1) He was describing, in his own inimitable style/way, how to write a best-selling novel. (2) He entertained us in his own inimitable style. (3) He delivered the speech in his own inimitable style. (4) He makes his own point in his own inimitable way.

What does inimitably mean?

adj. Defying imitation; matchless.

What is the meaning of incorrigible?

adjective. not corrigible; bad beyond correction or reform: incorrigible behavior; an incorrigible liar. impervious to constraints or punishment; willful; unruly; uncontrollable: an incorrigible child; incorrigible hair.

Under which of the following conditions may a firm be able to deter imitation of a valuable capability?

Under which of the following conditions may a firm be able to deter imitation of a valuable capability? Value derives from tight combinations between resources and activities. The firm cannot credibly commit to a course of action. The capability was developed easily over the last 12 months.

What is one word that Cannot be corrected?

One word substitution is Incorrigible. Incurable: not able to be cured. Incorrigible: not able to be changed or reformed.

Can a person be inimitable?

Beyond imitation, surpassing all others, matchless. The definition of inimitable is a person or thing that’s too good to be copied. An example of inimitable is the feeling of being in love.

What is the definition of makeshift?

noun. a temporary expedient or substitute: We used boxes as a makeshift while the kitchen chairs were being painted.

What is the definition of idiosyncratic?

The definition of idiosyncratic is quirky or peculiar, or the temperament which is unique to an individual. An example of an idiosyncratic person is someone who does a lot of out of the ordinary things. An example of an idiosyncratic trait is the way a person always deals with disappointment.