Question: What Is Impersonation C#?

How do I impersonate a user in C#?

A Combined and Easier Approach.

var credentials = new UserCredentials(domain, username, password); var result = Impersonation.

RunAsUser(credentials, logonType, () => { // do whatever you want as this user.

return something; });.

What is impersonation in asp net with example?

To impersonate a specific user for all the requests on all pages of an ASP.NET application, you can specify the userName and password attributes in the tag of the Web.config file for that application. For example: XML Copy.

How do you implement impersonation?

So here’s the outline process for impersonating a user:In your admin dashboard, let staff choose a user account to impersonate.Request a 2FA verification code to confirm the identity of the admin user.Once you’ve confirmed their identity, create the user session. … Record the impersonation session in an audit log.More items…

How do I enable impersonation in IIS?

Open IIS Manager and navigate to the level you want to manage. In Features View, double-click Authentication. On the Authentication page, select ASP.NET Impersonation. In the Actions pane, click Enable to use ASP.NET Impersonation authentication with the default settings.