Question: Why Do We Do Tulsi Vivah?

What does Tulsi symbolize?

Tulsi symbolises purity.

It is considered as the holy plant in the Indian Subcontinent.

Tulsi got its name from Tulasi Devi, who was one of Lord Krishna’s eternal consorts.

In India people grow Tulsi as the religious plant and worship it..

Who is Shankhchur?

Radha cursed Sudama to be born as a demon. … With the curse of Radha, Sudama became a demon named Shankhchur. At the same time, there is a mention of Shankhchur, son of Dambha in Shivpuran too. Tell everyone that he became the master of all the three worlds under his power and started torturing the sages and saints.

What is the story behind Tulsi Vivah?

The legend behind Tulsi Vivah and its rites are told in the scripture, Padma Purana. According to Hindu scripture, the Tulsi plant was a woman named “Vrinda” (Brinda; a synonym of Tulsi).She was married to the Asura king Jalandhar, who due to her piety and devotion to Vishnu, became invincible.

Why Tulsi is not offered to Lakshmi?

Tulsi had come from the scattered drops of nectar. Why was it that she was not honoured, while Lakshmi was, Tulsi wondered. The Lord said that Lakshmi had done penance and had thus reached Him. Lakshmi, however, was going to appear on the Earth, as the daughter of Sage Markandeya.

Who will kill Jalandhar?

Jalandhara then engaged Shiva in battle, who killed him by thrusting his Trishula into his chest and cutting his head off with a chakra (discus) created from his toe. Upon his death his soul merged with Shiva just like Vrinda’s soul had merged with Lord Vishnu.

Can ladies pluck Tulsi leaves?

It is considered inauspicious to pluck Tulsi leaves on Sundays and Ekadashi. … As Tulsi is a female plant so avoid keeping thorny bushes or plants like a cactus around. Flowering plants can be kept around Tulsi.

Why Tulsi is not watered on Sunday?

Tulsi or holy Basil is a sacred plant according to Hindu belief. … Every Sunday, during Ekadashi and lunar eclipse, water should not be offered to Tulsi. Also, in these days and after hiding the sun, basil leaves should not be broken.

How was Lord Shiva died?

The wrathful Yama assumed a fearsome form and threw his noose to capture Markandeya, who hugged the linga tightly. When the noose touched the linga, Shiva emerged from it in all his wrath and struck Yama with his Trishula and kicked his chest, killing the lord of death.

Who cursed Lord Vishnu into black stone?

VrindaThis black stone is known as Shaligram stone. It was due to a curse that Lord Vishnu turned into a stone. A curse so powerful that even the most powerful God, one among the trinity could not do anything but accept it. Lord Vishnu received this curse from one of His most loyal devotee, Vrinda.

How is Tulsi Vivah performed?

Seek the blessings of Lord Ganesha, and pray that you can complete the Tulsi Vivah. Offer haldi and kumkum to Lord Vishnu and Tulsi Maa. Then offer the chunri, shringar samagri to Goddess Tulsi and mauli and janeu to Lord Vishnu. Offer one of the garlands to Tulsi after touching Lord Vishnu’s idol/image with it.

Why is Tulsi Worshipped?

Hindus regard it as an earthly manifestation of the goddess Tulsi; she is regarded as the avatar of Lakshmi, and thus the consort of the god Vishnu. … The offering of its leaves is mandatory in ritualistic worship of Vishnu and his avatars like Krishna and Vithoba.

Who is the husband of Tulsi Mata?

Lord VishnuTulsi is a plant believed to be sacred to Lord Vishnu and also His wife Lakshmi and hence revered by every Hindu and worshipped. Tulsi is supposed to be Vrinda who was transformed into a plant by Vishnu thus, due to the close bond, Tulsi is married to Vishnu every year in the Kartik month.