Who Has The Hand Of God?

Who scored the hand of God?

Diego MaradonaDiego Maradona scored an infamous ‘Hand of God’ goal but in the same match against England, he scored a goal which was later voted the best as Argentina won the 1986 World Cup title.

Diego Maradona, considered one of the greatest footballers in the world, died on Wednesday at the age of 60 due to a cardiac arrest..

What is the hand of God called?

Hamsa or Khamsa, a hand-shaped protective amulet in Islamic and Jewish folklore also known as “(God’s) helping hand” “Hands of God”, a symbol in Polish Neopaganism, see Ręce Boga.

Why is it called the hand of God?

“The hand of God” was a phrase used by the Argentine footballer Diego Maradona to describe a goal that he scored during the Argentina v England quarter finals match of the 1986 FIFA World Cup. The goal took place on 22 June 1986, at the Azteca Stadium in Mexico City.

Who was the hand of God against?

MaradonaMaradona, who died on Wednesday at the age of 60, beat several England players on a mazy dribble from just inside his own half before scoring to put Argentina 2-0 up, four minutes after scoring the controversial goal he famously credited to the “Hand of God”.