Question: What Does Shadow Lines Mean?

What do shadow lines present?

The Shadow Lines talks about the bhadralok or the middle class gentility that is formed by the political, cultural and intellectual elite.

Calcutta is one of the oldest port cities of the world and the British Empire set up its company here first..

How are maps and borders used as symbols in the shadow lines?

In The Shadow Lines, maps and borders symbolize the often arbitrary nature of countries. Someone can “draw another line somewhere,” and suddenly there’s another separate country or territory. …

Who was Mayadebi in the shadow lines?

Mayadebi is Tha’mma’s younger sister. The narrator describes the two women as being like reflections in a looking glass. Mayadebi is lucky enough to marry the Shaheb, a wealthy diplomat. As such, she travels often throughout her life, including to London in 1939 with the nine-year-old Tridib, her middle son.

Who won Gyanpeeth Award 2019?

List of recipientsYearRecipient(s)Language(s)2016 (52nd)Shankha GhoshBengali2017 (53rd)Krishna SobtiHindi2018 (54th)Amitav GhoshEnglish2019 (55th)Akkitham Achuthan NamboothiriMalayalam56 more rows

When was the novel The Shadow Lines published?

1988The Shadow Lines/Originally published

Who is tridib in shadow lines?

Tridib is the narrator’s uncle. He’s about twenty years older and is a very skilled storyteller. He often tells the narrator stories about the year he lived in London with the Prices.

Who wrote The Shadow Line?

Joseph ConradThe Shadow Line/AuthorsThe Shadow-Line is a short novel based at sea by Joseph Conrad; it is one of his later works, being written from February to December 1915.

Which two awards did Amitav Ghosh win for his novel The Shadow Lines?

Awards. The Shadow Lines won the Sahitya Akademi Award & the Ananda Puraskar.

What is the name of Amitav Ghosh last novel?

Gun IslandGhosh’s most recent book, Gun Island, published in 2019 and dealing with climate change and human migration, drew praise from critics.

What is the name of Amitav Ghosh first novel?

The Circle of ReasonAfter a stint at Harvard University that began in 2004, Ghosh turned to writing full-time and split his time between the United States and India. His first novel, The Circle of Reason (1986), follows an Indian protagonist who, suspected of being a terrorist, leaves India for northern Africa and the Middle East.