What Does Medicalization Mean?

What is medicalization of mental illness?

The medicalization of mental disorder is the process by which particular human conditions become defined and treated as medical or psychiatric problems.

The medicalization of mental disorder has deep roots in Western culture and continues in both general and specific ways in contemporary society..

What is the medicalization of deviance?

The medicalization of deviance thus refers to the process whereby non‐normative or morally condemned appearance (obesity, unattractiveness, shortness), belief (mental disorder, racism), and conduct (drinking, gambling, sexual practices) come under medical jurisdiction.

What is meant by Medicalisation?

Medicalization or medicalisation (see spelling differences) is the process by which human conditions and problems come to be defined and treated as medical conditions, and thus become the subject of medical study, diagnosis, prevention, or treatment.

What is the medicalization of health and illness?

Medicalization is a process by which human problems come to be defined and treated as medical problems. It involves the application of a biomedical model that sees health as freedom from disease and is characterised by reductionism, individualism, and a bias toward the technological (Box 1).

What is the medicalization of behavior?

Medicalization refers to the process in which conditions and behaviors are labeled and treated as medical issues.

What are the consequences of medicalization?

Medicalizing social problems has consequences; it can encourage reliance upon experts, undermine existing ways of coping, problematize notions of rationality and responsibility, close down other potential definitions, and lead to apolitical, individualized solutions.

What is medicalisation in health and social care?

Medicalisation, the process by which moral, social or legal problems become medical issues, has been studied in social science for nearly half a century.

Why is medicalization bad?

A second bad consequence is that, insofar as the insti- tution of medicine focuses on human beings as objects (i.e. as bodies), the medicalization process potentially undermines seeing ourselves as subjects; it potentially undermines our ‘subjectivity.

What is meant by the medicalization of society?

Medicalization, and its developments, is the main component of the bionic society of today. Medicalization can be defined as the process by which some aspects of human life come to be considered as medical problems, whereas before they were not considered pathological.

What does medicalization of mental illness mean?

Medicalization occurs when previously nonmedical problems become defined and treated as medical problems, usually in terms of an illness or disorder.

Who coined the term medicalization?

What is Medicalization? Researchers Conrad and Schneider first introduced the term “medicalization” in their studies of deviance during the 1980s.

What is the medicalization of women’s health?

Abstract. Medicalization usually refers to the process whereby the normal processes of pregnancy, childbirth, menstruation and menopause have been claimed and redefined by medicine.

Is obesity medicalized?

The American Medical Association officially declared obesity as a disease in May of 2013 and is considered by several medical professionals to be the most profound act of medicalization in American medicine.

When was ADHD medicalized?

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) has been medicalized in the United States since the 1960s. Primarily used in North America until the 1990s, ADHD diagnosis and treatment have increasingly been applied internationally.

What are some examples of medicalization?

Examples of medicalized disorders include menopause, alcoholism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anorexia, infertility, sleep disorders, and erectile dysfunction (ED) [3].