Which Algorithm Is A Faster Method For Calculating Pixel Positions?

Which vertex of a polygon is clipped first?

Explanation: In polygon clipping, first the polygon is clipped against the left edge of the polygon window to get new vertices of the polygon.

So, it is the top left which is clipped first..

How many types of algorithms are used for line drawing?

To draw a line, you need two points between which you can draw a line. In the following three algorithms, we refer the one point of line as X0,Y0 and the second point of line as X1,Y1.

Why clipping is used in graphics?

The primary use of clipping in computer graphics is to remove objects, lines, or line segments that are outside the viewing pane.

What is line clipping and polygon clipping?

Line clipping against a polygon is widely used in computer graphics such as the hidden line problem. A new line-clipping algorithm against a general polygon is presented in this paper. … Then each edge of the polygonal window is transformed by a shearing transformation with the same parameters as those used to the line.

What is the use of DDA algorithm?

In computer graphics, a digital differential analyzer (DDA) is hardware or software used for interpolation of variables over an interval between start and end point. DDAs are used for rasterization of lines, triangles and polygons.

Which method is fastest for drawing lines?

Bresenham’s Algorithm is faster than DDA Algorithm in line because it involves only addition & subtraction in its calculation and uses only integer arithmetic.

Which algorithm is used to draw a line?

Bresenham’s line algorithm is a line drawing algorithm that determines the points of an n-dimensional raster that should be selected in order to form a close approximation to a straight line between two points.

Which method of clipping is based on duality?

Skala1. Which method of clipping is based on duality? Explanation: Skala is a method of clipping whose algorithm is based on homogeneous coordinates and duality.

Which is the clipping algorithm?

There are two common algorithms for line clipping: Cohen–Sutherland and Liang–Barsky. … Determining which portion of the line is inside or outside of the clipping volume is done by processing the endpoints of the line with regards to the intersection.

What is difference between DDA and Bresenham algorithm?

The main distinction between DDA algorithm and Bresenham line algorithm is that, the DDA algorithmic rule uses floating purpose values whereas in Bresenham, spherical off functions is used. … DDA algorithm is less efficient than Bresenham line algorithm. While it is more efficient than DDA algorithm.

How many methods of character generation are there?

three methodsHow many Methods of character generations are there? Explanation: There are three methods. Those 3 methods are Stroke method, Bitmap method and Starbust method.

Which algorithm is a faster method for calculating pixel positions Mcq?

Explanation: The DDA is a faster method for calculating pixel positions. Explanation: The DDA algorithm takes more time than other algorithm. Explanation: Bresenham’s line algorithm is a very efficient and accurate algorithm.

Why digital differential algorithm DDA is the fastest pixel position calculating method?

Explanation: The DDA is the fastest algorithm among the given algorithms for calculating the position of the pixels because it has a very easy formula or way to calculate which can be readily implemented and executed in programs.

Which one is not a type of basic fill styles?

Which one is not a type of basic fill styles? Explanation: Dark fill is not a type of basic fill style, rest of them is the basic fill styles. Explanation: Rectangular fill pattern is called tiling or tiling pattern.

How many methods of text clipping are there?

three different methodsText clipping can be done in three different methods: All or none string clipping. All or none character clipping. Text clipping.

How many types of polygons are filled?

Three types of polygon are recognized, figure (1): convex, concave, and complex.

What is circle generation algorithm?

Advertisements. Drawing a circle on the screen is a little complex than drawing a line. There are two popular algorithms for generating a circle − Bresenham’s Algorithm and Midpoint Circle Algorithm. These algorithms are based on the idea of determining the subsequent points required to draw the circle.

What is the result of polygon clipping?

polygon clipping Removal of part of an object outside a polygon (see clipping). … Clipping a polygon can result in several disjoint polygons. Typical algorithms include the Sutherland–Hodgman and the Weiler–Atherton clipping algorithms.