When Something Has A Deeper Meaning?

What is it called when a word has a deeper meaning?



a poem, play, picture, etc, in which the apparent meaning of the characters and events is used to symbolize a deeper moral or spiritual meaning 2.

the technique or genre that this represents 3.

use of such symbolism to illustrate truth or a moral 4..

What does it mean to secret something?

secret, covert, stealthy, furtive, clandestine, surreptitious, underhanded mean done without attracting observation. secret implies concealment on any grounds for any motive.

When a word has two meanings?

When words are spelled the same and sound the same but have different meanings, then they are called homonyms. When they are just spelled the same but sound different and have different meanings, then they are homographs. Here are some of the most popular homonyms and homographs in the English language.

What is a synonym for a deeper understanding?

Synonyms. savvy self-knowledge appreciation brainstorm hold smattering grasping discernment hindsight apprehension comprehension realisation realization insight brainwave recognition grasp knowing. Antonyms.

What does DEAP mean?

DEAP (Dark matter Experiment using Argon Pulse-shape discrimination) is a direct dark matter search experiment which uses liquid argon as a target material. DEAP utilizes background discrimination based on the characteristic scintillation pulse-shape of argon.

What does deeper meaning mean?

Definition (expr.) having more importance than it seems; having more significance. Examples Jean believes that her dreams have a deeper meaning.

What is the word for something that represents something else?

Metonymy. It’s easy to confuse synecdoche and metonymy because they both use a word or phrase to represent something else (some even consider synecdoche a type of metonymy). … In truth, some synecdoche are a form of metonymy.

What do you call a hidden message?

A subliminal message is a technique used in marKEting and other media to influencE People without theiR bEing Aware of what the messenger is DoING. This may involve the use of split second flashes of text, hidden images, or subtle cues that affect the audience at a level below conscious awareness.

What type of word is deeper?

Deeper definitions Comparative form of deep: more deep.