Question: Is The Plague Doctor A SCP?

Which SCP is slender man?

SCP-XXXDescription: SCP-XXX is the designation assigned to a humanoid coloquialy referred to as “Slenderman.” SCP-XXX is estimated to be 2 meters tall, and is always observed to wear a heavily worn and soiled tuxedo..

How does SCP 049 eat?

In fact, SCP-049’s diet consists entirely of garbage (hereby defined as anything thrown away with the intent of disposal). SCP-049 will eat fresh food as well, but only if a human subject actively discards it. … Because of their abnormal diet, the Foundation has adopted them into the waste disposal facility.

What is SCP ● ● ● ● ● ● ●?

SCP-2521 (also known as ●●|●●●●●|●●|●) is a Keter-level SCP contained by SCP Foundation. He is a creature who steals every piece of information about his nature, as long as the information is expressed in textual or verbal form. Because of that, nearly everything about him is registered by ideograms and pictures.

Is SCP 096 still alive?

No. 096 has yet to be classified as neutralized by the writer of the SCP or the foundation itself. Any other form of writing is fanmade.

Can SCP 049 be killed?

SCP-049 can take more shots than other SCPs in-game. The Tesla-Gate could potentially kill SCP-049 or significantly damage him.

How does SCP 035 kill you?

When SCP-035 is placed on the face of an individual, an alternate brain wave pattern from SCP-035 overlaps that of the original host, effectively snuffing it out and causing brain death to the subject.

How many SCPs are there 2020?

6,000 SCPThe reports are written in a scientific tone and often “redact” information. As of September 2020, articles exist for nearly 6,000 SCP objects; new articles are frequently added. The SCP Foundation contains over three thousand short stories referred to as “Foundation Tales”.

What SCP can you not look at?

SCP-096 itself will wander around the room, making it difficult to avoid looking at its face.

Can you contain SCP 049?

Currently, there are only three instances of SCP-049-2 that can be encountered in the game. The instances are very slow, and are easy to evade. However, if they trap the player in a corner then they will be able to drain their health quickly and will most likely kill.

Is SCP 049 a girl?

Description: SCP-049 is a humanoid entity, roughly 1.9 meters in height, which bears the appearance of a medieval plague doctor.

How did they kill SCP 096?

096 was escorted to a new holding cell, which is now also full of santorum. Test Results: An image of 096’s face was projected into 372’s containment chamber, causing 096 to break containment and head towards 372’s chamber.

What is the most powerful SCP?

SCP-343SCP-343 is probably the most powerful, but the least terrifying. SCP-076 Able would be one of the most terrifying. SCP-343, SCP-076. 2935, easily.

Is SCP 049 a Keter?

SCP-049 was contained successfully with issue SCP-049 was classified as Keter.

Who is SCP 666?

Description: SCP-666 is a medium-sized Tibetan yurt, made of tied wooden branches and covered in yak leather. The interior ceiling is 2.44m (8ft) high and the base of the yurt is 9.14m (30ft). The hut is circular in shape.

Does SCP 049 have a daughter?

Lexi is the daughter of SCP 049 she is part human and part SCP. She is diffrent from all SCP’S when near a hostile SCP they have the urge to protect her and her abilities are strange too.

Can you touch SCP 096?

Yes. Just don’t attack him.

What if a blind person looks at SCP 096?

The act of perception of a perfect representation of SCP-096 is critical to activating its cognitohazardous effect. A blind person, not being able to perceive its face, is therefore immune to 096’s pursuit because they have no ability to view its face.

Who is the scariest SCP?

These are the SCPs that scare me the most:SCP-173 – He is so cute but also terrifying about his behavior. … SCP-096 – Don’t look at his face! … SCP-682 – The only SCP the facility wanted to destroy. … SCP-106 – That picture is terrifying. … SCP-049 – The second he feels like performing surgery, it’s a zombie apocalypse.More items…•

What SCP is the Grim Reaper?

scp-4124Description:scp-4124 is a black cloaked entity with a skeleton body underneath,it carries a scythe with it at all times no matter what. if this scythe is lost all d-class personnel are to be forced to look for it.

Is SCP 3000 a God?

SCP-3000 is a monster appearing in the SCP mythos, which is implied to be one of the Old Gods. Its object class is Thaumiel.

When did SCP 049 die?

SCP-049 was found dead in its cell 20 minutes ago.”

What is scp000?

Informal conversation must not mention anomalies, anomalous behavior of any kind, its containment (or anything that reminds it that it is contained, such as its designation), its appearance, nor its mental health. … Description: SCP-000 is the designation given to the theoretical source of all anomalous behavior.

What SCP is siren head?

SCP-6789SCP-6789 is Siren Head.

Is there an SCP 000?

Remember, SCP-000 doesn’t exist. The Foundation started with 001 and went up.