Question: What Does The Word Deluge Mean?

What does cacophony mean?

1 : harsh or jarring sound : dissonance sense 2 specifically : harshness in the sound of words or phrases..

How do you use the word fickle in a sentence?

Sasha’s moods were varied and fickle, never lasting too long. The moon is a fickle lover, like a beautiful woman…she gives her whole heart but once a month and leaves you before dawn…why fear you the night? The woman he married would have to pattern her life to the fickle fate of politics.

What does embellish mean?

Like its synonyms adorn, ornament, and garnish, embellish means to make something beautiful by the addition of a decorative or fanciful feature.

What is the meaning of shower?

noun. a brief fall of rain or, sometimes, of hail or snow. Also called shower bath . a bath in which water is sprayed on the body, usually from an overhead perforated nozzle(showerhead ). the apparatus for this or the room or stall enclosing it.

Where does the word deluge come from?

Deluge comes from Late Middle English – a variant of the Old French ‘diluve’ – from the Latin word ‘diluvium’ meaning ‘flood’.

Is deluge safe to use?

Another strength is that Deluge is entirely free and open source, as well as ad-free. It is licensed under GPL, and thus the code can be checked by anyone, which helps to make the software more secure. Speaking of security, Deluge provides users with an enhanced encryption option.

What is the synonyms of deluge?

In this page you can discover 35 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for deluge, like: overlavish, overprovide, flood, overequip, downpour, drown, pelter, overprovision, cataclysm, inundate and niagara.

Is deluge a French word?

déluge: flooding; inundation; deluge; cloud burst.

What does the deluge mean?

1a : an overflowing of the land by water. b : a drenching rain a deluge causing mudslides in the area. 2 : an overwhelming amount or number received a deluge of angry phone calls.

How do you use deluge in a sentence?

That deluge of fire was worth seeing. Next Ahriman sent a deluge, from which one man escaped in a boat with his cattle. An eruption in 1783, with a deluge of lava, destro~ed an extensive forest and overwhelmed several villages.

What is a deluge of water?

noun. a great flood of water; inundation; flood. a drenching rain; downpour. anything that overwhelms like a flood: a deluge of mail.

What means depleted?

transitive verb. 1 : to empty of a principal substance The lake was depleted of water. depleting the country of its natural resources. 2 : to lessen markedly in quantity, content, power, or value deplete our life savings their depleted resources.

What does deluge of humanity mean?

The noun deluge is an overwhelming amount of something in general, such as work, people, or questions. Because of its Latin roots, however, in particular it means an overwhelming amount of water. … The verb deluge similarly means to overwhelm or inundate with something, particularly water.

What is the deluge in the Bible?

The Genesis flood narrative is a flood myth found in the Tanakh (chapters 6–9 in the Book of Genesis). The story tells of God’s decision to return the Earth to its pre-creation state of watery chaos and then remake it in a reversal of creation.

What does inundated mean?

transitive verb. 1 : overwhelm was inundated with phone calls. 2 : to cover with a flood : overflow.