Question: Do You Use Subjunctive With Pienso Que?

Do you use subjunctive with Pensar que?

Generally, the indicative is used with creer que or pensar que, while the subjunctive is used with no creer que or no pensar que..

Does no pienso que trigger subjunctive?

An example would be “No creo que él pueda ir”, or in English “I don’t think (believe) he can go.” Also, the affirmative phrase “Pienso que” shows confidence, but the phrase “No pienso que” shows doubt and would trigger the subjunctive.

Do you use subjunctive with Es probable que?

Does es probable que require the subjunctive? Yes, es probable que requires the subjunctive: Por ejemplo …

Do you use subjunctive in questions?

When in the affirmative, even in a question, the subjunctive is not required in the subjoined verb. The way you have stated the question is correct, however I would have used the verb “creer” instead. If the answer is in the negative, then the subjunctive would be used.

Is que an important subjunctive?

Yes, es importante requires the subjunctive: Por ejemplo … Es importante que recordemos esta fecha. It is important that we remember this date.

Do you conjugate a verb after que?

4. Expressing obligation with Spanish infinitives. When somebody needs to do something, you can conjugate the verb tener (to have), then add the word que and an infinitive verb. Tenemos que irnos.