Question: What Are Some Examples Of Subject And Predicate?

What is the subject of the sentence example?

A subject is a part of a sentence that contains the person or thing performing the action (or verb) in a sentence.

(See What is a verb?) Example: Jennifer walked to the store.

In this sentence, the subject is “Jennifer” and the verb is “walked.”.

What is simple predicate examples?

It includes a verb and all other details that describe what is going on. example: My father fixed the dryer. The simple predicate is the main verb in the predicate that tells what the subject does. example: My father fixed the dryer. Read each sentence.

What is the difference between a verb and a predicate?

A verb is a word which indicates the action or state of being of the subject in a sentence while a predicate is a word or word clause which modifies the subject or object in a sentence.

What is predicate and example?

Define predicate: The predicate is the part of a sentence or clause containing a verb and stating something about the subject. It includes the verb and anything modifying it. This is also called the complete predicate. Example of a Predicate: We are ready to get food.

How do you find simple subject and predicate?

The simple subject tells who sleeps late on the weekends. The simple predicate tells what the subject is doing. It is just the verb without any other words that describe or modify it.

What is subject and its types?

With this in mind, let’s discuss three main types of subjects. They are: simple subjects, compound subjects, and noun phrases.

Can a sentence have two subjects?

When a sentence has two or more subjects, it’s called a compound subject. Compound subjects are joined by “and” or “or” and, perhaps, a series of commas. In the compound subject examples below, you’ll find many different ways to vary these sentence constructs.

What is the predicate of this sentence?

The subject of the sentence is what (or whom) the sentence is about. In the sentence “The cat is sleeping in the sun,” the word cat is the subject. A predicate is the part of a sentence, or a clause, that tells what the subject is doing or what the subject is.

How do you find the subject and predicate in a sentence?

Every complete sentence contains two parts: a subject and a predicate. The subject is what (or whom) the sentence is about, while the predicate tells something about the subject. In the following sentences, the predicate is enclosed in braces ({}), while the subject is highlighted. Judy {runs}.

What is subject and predicate answer?

Part of the sentence that tells what or whom the sentence is about. Part of the sentence that tells what the subject in the sentence is doing. The subject can only be an object i.e. noun or pronoun. The predicate will contain verbs to tell what the subject is doing.

What are some examples of predicate?

Here are examples of two or more predicate adjectives in the same sentence:Apples taste sweet and delicious.After my workout, I feel powerful and energized.The speaker is convincing and intelligent.The flag is red, white and blue.Thank goodness you are alive and well.Your team was muddy, victorious and jubilant.More items…